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Your Questions Answered

What is separation?
Separation is defined as the bringing to an end of a marriage or de facto relationship.

What is a Divorce?
A divorce is the legal ending of a marriage.

What if my Spouse does not agree to a Divorce?
You are able to apply for a Divorce so long as the criteria for Divorce proceedings are met. Consent is not required from your Spouse.

How is my house dealt with during a Divorce?
Property settlements are not dealt with as part of the Divorce process. A separate application for a property settlement should be made within 12 months of a Divorce.

Caring for my children, what financial help can I get?
As above, spousal maintenance is a separate issue and any application for support should be made within 12 months of a Divorce.

Do I need to update my Will?
It is advisable to update your Will following a Divorce to reflect your change in estate and circumstances.

How much will it all cost me?
The cost to deal with your matter will dependent on your circumstances and what outcome you are seeking to achieve. Following your initial consultation, we will be best placed to provide you with an estimate regarding our fees to undertake your work.